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Horma'Regul 600 ml Horma'Regul 600 ml

Maximise reproductive health in barren and maiden mares. Balances hormones and endocrine function to regulate cycle. Increases chance of early successful pregnancy

Our Price: €97.50
Sale Price: €80.00
Savings: €17.50
Flor'Provide - 3kg Flor'Provide - 3kg

100% organic food supplement source of pre- and probiotics to strengthen the intestinal flora of the horse. Regulator of acidity of the digestive system!
Strongly recommended for gestating and lactating mares to ensure a good immune system for their foals To be mixed with the food ration.

Our Price: €89.00
Horse Immune - 600 ml Horse Immune - 600 ml

Horse Immune™ - 600 ml 100% organic food supplement to support the immunity of the horse!

Our Price: €92.00
Mineral - 600ml Mineral - 600ml

Mineral Horse, a 100% organic food supplement to strengthen the skeleton of the horse and support the growth of the foal.

Our Price: €92.00