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Gastro Flash - 300ml Gastro Flash - 300ml

Quickly relieves the digestive pains of the horse. Rapid return of the horse's appetite.

Our Price: €60.00
Cool Transit - 600ml Cool Transit - 600ml

Helps with the quality of digestion and assimilation based on three fundamental aspects: the integrity of the intestinal tissues, an optimal digestive function and a balanced intestinal flora.

Our Price: €92.00
Sale Price: €71.99
Savings: €20.01
Flor'Provide - 3kg Flor'Provide - 3kg

100% organic food supplement source of pre- and probiotics to strengthen the intestinal flora of the horse. Regulator of acidity of the digestive system!
Strongly recommended for gestating and lactating mares to ensure a good immune system for their foals To be mixed with the food ration.

Our Price: €89.00
Gastro - 600ml Gastro - 600ml

Gastro protects the horse's stomach, prevents and eliminates gastric ulcers.

Our Price: €92.00