is a 100% organic supplement to optimise pulmonary function and protect against Pulmonary Bleeding and Respiratory Fragility.

The Pulmo’Protect formula is rich in plants and essential oils with mucolytic, expectorant, hemostatic, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Protecting the respiratory sphere.

Magnetic Therapy

Original technology, conceived, researched and developed for the needs of horses. Developing it, Torpol carefully chose the appropriate type of magnets and their location, thinking of the spots most prone to injuries.

Magnetic RugMagnetic Memory Saddle padMagnetic Boots

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Precision Joint Solution Plus


30 day supply.

Precision Joint Solution Plus is an innovative supplement scientifically formulated to support and maintain the health of your equines joints and connective tissue.

Healthy Joints/Tendons/Ligaments/Bones/Hoofs


Reduce Inflammation, Discomfort and Stiffness

Skin and Coat Health

PJS+ Testimonials

I am extremely impressed with the level and speed of results with this product. It really helped to maximise the horse’s natural ability and free up movement. The horses on it, also felt better in themselves. It gets to work quickly and the difference in recovery time between races is stunning. I highly recommend PJS+.

Brendan Duke

Irish Race Horse Trainer

Here at Equine Elite Ireland we first started using Precision Joint Solution on the star of our stable, 14yr old Twister. The most amazing thing to see was Twister in the paddock, for the past 7 years he was a head down eating grass horse and then this summer he was galloping and bucking on a daily basis and feeling great in himself.

Seamus hayes

International Show Jumper

Our horses work on a rigorous training and show schedule, and I have had excellent results using Precision Joint Solution. Since starting the supplements I have seen a drastic improvement in the performance of our jumpers and hunters. They are moving better than ever and feel more comfortable in general

Bob Brawley

Show Jumper Texas

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